Ukrainian businessmen talked about their experience in export fruit and vegetable products

On the first day of the AGROPORT South Kherson forum, ITC consultants conducted the training “Export to France: Ways and Keys to Success“. The training was a part of the preparation for the international trade show Sial, which will take place in Paris from October 21 to 25, 2018. During the training, co-founders of the IMEXBURO business hub, Philippe Merme and Dmitry Kushnir, described how the food market in France works.

On the second day of the forum “AGROPORT South Kherson “ITC consultants held a roundtable “Realities of Ukrainian exports in the fruit and vegetable sector: experience and practical advice from producers in the South of Ukraine”.

The event was attended by representatives of the fruit and vegetable companies working with the ITC project in Ukraine for more than two years. During this time they visited several trade shows in the countries of the CIS, Europe and Asia.

The round table was also attended by the Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Olga Trofimtseva and the representative of the Export Promotion Office Mariya Shevchuk.

Businessmen, based on their experience, said what interfere exporters at the legislative, organizational and practical levels; what way should the exporter deal from the exchange of business cards on the stand to signing the contract; at what stage it is necessary to plan the export activity, and also talked about the help from the authorities and organizations, which are called to promote business activity.

Pavlo Tulba, the head of the Gorikh Prychornomorya, told about the beginning of cooperation with ITC project in Ukraine, preparation for the first international trade shows, the creation of a new product – nuts and honey paste, its promotion on the market and the development of niche industry in Ukraine.

Anna Popchuk, Expert Manager of Agropatryot, shared the experience of the company dealing with the cultivation and processing of garlic on the domestic and foreign markets. She told about aspects such as packaging, renting, preserving, processing, and creating value added products.

Olga Trofimtseva spoke about the initiatives of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy to promote Ukrainian producers in the world. She spoke about national and sectoral export strategies for business. They have been developed with the support of  ITС experts.

Olga Trofimtseva noted that the main directions of the export strategy are based on the principle of 3D. This is a diversification of the number of products with added value and deep processing, diversification of markets (search for new opportunities in Asia and Africa, the struggle for the position in the EU market) and the diversification of players (increasing the number of small and medium enterprises ready for stable exports).

During the roundtable, participants shared many export-related details, discussed development strategies, marketing, and exchanged business experiences.

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