ITC consultants conducted a training “Export to France: the ways and the keys to success”

On July 26, in the territory of the international airport “Kherson”, the agro-industrial forum “AGROPORT South Kherson 2018” was opened.

The main topics of the forum are the investment potential of southern Ukraine, logistics of agricultural products, irrigation, vegetable growing, horticulture, greenhouse production, organic production, value added chains, and others.

During the forum consultants of the International Trade Center (ITC) project in Ukraine conducted a training “Export to France: the ways and the keys to success”.

The subject of export to France was specially chosen. National consultants of the ITC project are preparing producers and processors of the fruit and vegetable products of the south of Ukraine to take part in the international trade show Sial, which will be held in Paris from October 21 to 25, 2018. The training was attended by partners of the ITC project from Kherson, Mykolayiv and Odesa regions, as well as interested forum participants.

France ranks 4th position among the largest producers of fruits and vegetables in the EU. There are 36 thousand fruit producers and 30 thousand vegetable producers in the country. The average annual turnover (consumption) is 16.5 billion euros. At the same time, France imports 40% of fruits and vegetables, mainly from Morocco, Spain and Central America.

During the training, co-founders of the IMEXBURO business hub, Philippe Merme and Dmytro Kushnir described how the food market in France works.

Philippe Merme mostly told on about modern trends and characteristics of the French market for fresh and processed fruits and vegetables, as well as on the segmentation of the French distributor network. He told about the most popular fruits and vegetables bought by the French (apples, bananas, oranges, melons, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, etc.).

“The main consumer trends among the French today are the balance of healthy and nutritious food, the speed and convenience of packaging, quality control, labeling, trust and the optimal price-quality ratio,” said Philippe Merme.

Dmytro Kushnir shared the secrets of cooperation with French partners. In particular, he spoke about how to build long-term partnerships with French businessmen, using the traditions of culture, cooking, ethics and informal communication adopted in France.

After the training, the participants and coaches held business meetings at the ITS office in Kherson, during which they discussed in detail the peculiarities of exporting vegetables and fruits to France.

The presentation of the French market for fresh and processed vegetables and fruits you can download from our website at the link.

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