Walnuts and hazelnuts: Ukrainian entrepreneurs were exploring export opportunities

During the Agroport South Kherson Forum (18-20 July) the ITC Project team in Ukraine, together with the Ukrainian Walnut Association, organized a seminar “Raising Awareness and Export Opportunities for Walnut and Hazelnuts” Production for the nut industry farmers.

Entrepreneurs from Odesa, Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Vinnytsya, Mykolayiv and Kherson regions took part in the seminar.

The workshop was conducted by expert on edible nuts and other food ingredients (edible seeds, oilseeds, dried fruits, spices and natural ingredients) James Fitzpatrick.

The aim of the seminar was to become a “master class” for Ukrainian walnut and hazelnut producers considering exporting products.

During the seminar, participants discussed several thematic blocks:

  • export opportunities for edible nuts,
  • an overview of the main trends in supply/demand,
  • price overview
  • opportunities to create added value and enter high-yield markets.

James Fitzpatrick considered the situation on the world walnut and hazelnut market in several directions:

  • production and use statistics and analysis;
  • structure and links of the value chain and the supply chain;
  • market trends: consumption, competitive environment;
  • logistics and security of supply;
  • the main strategic issues;
  • sources of information on markets and the creation of an information system of key markets.

The workshop participants also had practical tasks and worked in groups to identify key barriers in each sector or segment of the nut business.

Another seminar unit was dedicated to doing business in the EU and in other high-yield markets. Participants discussed issues such as certification, quality and safety standards, ways of entering new markets, customer relationships and building a reputation.

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