Workshop for sweet cherry growers: who joined and talked about in Melitopol

The seminar for producers and exporters of fresh sweet cherry “Cherry Post-harvesting” was held in the Center for Administrative Services of Melitopol in Zaporizhzhya region in September 11. The seminar was aimed to familiarize Ukrainian entrepreneurs with a system of international rules and principles for the post-harvest processing of sweet cherries, its transportation, storage, loading, and unloading.

The main speaker, the international consultant of ITC Harm Verpaalen, aimed to help Ukrainian producers to improve their skills and to form an understanding of their responsibility for ensuring the production of fresh products of good export quality.

The seminar was held due to the ITC project “Linking Ukrainian SMEs in the Fruits and Vegetables Sector to Global and Domestic Markets and Value Chains” and was organized jointly with the Zaporizhia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The event was attended by the first deputy mayor of Melitopol Irina Rudakova, deputy director of the Department of Agroindustrial Development of the Regional State Administration Olexander Yasynetskyi, vice-president of Zaporizhzhya CCI Andriy Kuts, representatives of LLC “VKF” Melitopolska Chereshnya”, LLC , SCB “Druzhba”, SFG “Rodiuchist”, FG “Sonyachni Sady” and other companies mainly from Zaporizhzhya region.

The seminar was held in the format of interactive communication. Participants shared their experience, asked practical questions. In particular, the discussion identified the main stages of post-harvest refinement of cherries; issues of transport logistics; peculiarities of transportation of goods by road, water and air; organization of pre-cooling of sweet cherries, incl. hydrocooling method; features of preserving the freshness of products during transportation and storage; methods of prolonging the shelf life and protection of the product from damage and damage during transportation, storage, loading and unloading; features of work on reducing the number of customer complaints, improving the reputation and relationships with customers; types, functions and new types of packaging; issues of documentary registration of goods at international deliveries, their certification; concept of “traceability” of products, confirmation of its quality and safety, etc.

The next day, September 12, ITC international consultant Harm Verpaalen visited the office of LLC “VKF” Melitopolska Chereshnya”, where representatives of the company discussed with the international expert the issue of post-harvest processing and documentary production.

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