The ITC project built a platform for exchanging views on the development of the vine and wine sector in Ukraine. On November 19, a regular meeting of the sector representatives was held, initiated by the Association of Craft Winemakers of the Black Sea Region and the Association of Gardeners, Grape Growers and Winemakers of Ukraine (UKRSADVINPROM).

The meeting was held online. It was attended by 12 companies, including Beykush Winery, Chateau Kurin, Like a Local’s, Belozersky, 46 Parallel Wine Group and House of Vintage Cognacs Tavria, as well as 12 sector associations.

According to the ITC National Project Manager Alena Kolomoitseva, the project is promoting constructive professional discussion of the initiatives aimed to develop viticulture and winemaking in Ukraine, to improve traceability of products from bottle to vineyard and quality control, to support promotion of the wine brand of Ukraine and to initiate cooperation between state bodies and business.

The initiative to sign the Memorandum arose after learning from the experience of other countries, in particular, Moldova, as well as numerous consultations with the sector representatives.

In particular, it is necessary to create an effective structure in Ukraine, like a National Office for Vine and Wine, to deal with the promotion of Ukrainian wines in domestic and foreign markets. It was also proposed to introduce traceability of vine and wine products based on three declarations (harvest declaration, production declaration, residue declaration), as well as to establish the Vine and Wine Fund and the Vine and Wine Registry.

The discussion turned out to be intense, sometimes even debatable – in particular, when it came to the wine brand of Ukraine, participation of all sector stakeholders in this process, compliance with law and control. The speakers referred to the previous experience of Ukrainian producers and their previous steps, made comments on the draft Memorandum.

“Currently, the draft Memorandum is being finalized, with due regard to the proposals we heard during the meeting. Then wine sector associations are to sign the document and, thus, to confirm the changes incorporated. The Memorandum will then be presented to the Ministry as the voice of the entire sector. I believe that these changes were on the table for a long time in Ukraine,” said Georgy Molchanov, Head of the Association of Craft Winemakers of the Black Sea Region.

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