Seven companies and three associations from Ukraine participated in the Gulfood 2020 international trade fair together with the ITC Project team. The trade fair was held from 16 to 20 February at the Dubai World Trade Center (UAE).

The companies Sady Dnipra Gardens, Fruitlife, Agrosilprom, Agro-Patriot, Lana, Sady Donbasa, CryoVit had the opportunity to present their products at a national stand and get acquainted with the fruit and vegetable market of the Middle East and North Africa. As well as the Ukrainian Nut Association, the Ukrainian Agriculture Export Association, and the UKRSADVINPROM Association.

Within 6 working days in Dubai, the Ukrainian delegation had a diverse program. Depending on the company profile, participants attended events, hypermarkets, markets, met with leading importers and exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables in the Middle East and North Africa, held B2B meetings and worked extensively with Gulfood participants and guests.

Sergiy OSTAPETS, Sady Donbasa

It was the first time at Gulfood. We thank the ITC Project for this opportunity. We liked working at a collective stand, there was a good atmosphere of mutual assistance. Everyone represented their company, but together we all represented Ukraine, thus promoting different products.

The trade show lived up to our expectations. We have had a very rewarding experience, and the real result, I hope, will come soon. To do this, we still need to work with those contacts and companies we met at Gulfood. There was much communication with representatives of India, Senegal, Ghana, Saudi Arabia. They are ready to cooperate with us. We will keep in touch with them, review their demand and delivery terms so that they are mutually beneficial. We have seen that the apple market is very broad, there is something to work on.

Our export experience is small. We will work with logistics companies, calculate delivery options to those countries that we are interested in to make real offers. We are generally ready to pack. As for certification, we are now working on getting GLOBAL G.A.P. and HACCP. In general, I will say that we have received a lot of information. We will consider it, we will learn.

Volodymyr GURZHIY, National Consultant (ITC)

Like other trade fairs this year, Gulfood attracts fewer visitors than before. This year there were more visitors from India and Africa near our booth. This can be explained by the fact our products, which were imported to the UAE, then diversified into other regions including Africa.

I would like to point out some issues that we need to work on in the future. Firstly, the lack of effective communication through the electronic cabinet, when Ukrainian manufacturers invited themselves to the stand of potential partners. It is evident that the schedule was not well planned.

Secondly, there were also questions about the location of the stand, which we often did not reach. Thirdly, our companies always need to hire a few of their representatives. Someone must be present on the stand and wait for the client with whom the cooperation will continue. Other people need to explore the trade show: trends, news and more. I also think that it is worth coming to such events for a few days to work in the large fresh produce markets.

All these problems are the points of our potential growth. Ukrainian products are known, are interested. But we still need to work hard to get a foothold in the market. No need to tell what products we have. They need to understand what products they need. And offer it on competitive terms.

During the Art of Selling seminar held by ITC consultant Shuvra Chakraborty, these nuances and features were discussed. Shuvra told many interesting things from his own experience.

I want to wish everyone the pay great attention to study, gain information, focus on market leaders and look for opportunities to become leaders themselves.

Gennady YUDIN, President of the Ukrainian Nut Association

Gulfood 2020 is the world’s largest and most influential annual food industry trade show, with the largest number of visitors, exhibitors and business operations conducted over the four days of the exhibition. It is attended by over 5,000 companies from 120 countries and over 97,000 visitors from 185 countries.

332 stands at Gulfood 2020 represent nuts and nut products! Therefore, every morning, in turn, went out to “trawl”, to study the trade fair.

At the stand of the Ukrainian Nut Association, the promotion of varietal nut products was quite effective. I would like to thank the organizers of the stand – the ITC Project in Ukraine and its leader Alyona Kolomoytseva. We were greatly assisted by a stand with the image of nuts that catches the eye of all visitors to the collective stand

For the third day of the trade fair we also saved our highlight, which was presented together with the company “Agrosilprom”. For the first time, an industrial bottle of oil made from Ukrainian hazelnuts was shown on the world market for nuts.

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