During the National Garden Day Alyona Kolomoticeva has presented report about world trends in the apples market

The 6th National Garden Day was held on the territory of the “Enogray” company in Kherson region. Dozens of gardeners from different regions of Ukraine took part in the meeting.

The program included theoretical and practical parts. Participants talked with speakers who reported on agrarian topics: support for the state gardening industry; plant protection, trends of Arab markets in consumption of pears, plums, cherries; precision irrigation technology and others.

During the theoretical part NPM of the ITC Project in Ukraine Alyona Kolomoitceva has presented the report “The World Market for Apples and Apple Products”. After the presentation participants put a number of questions to the speaker, so we picked up the main theses from the report. Statistical information is taken from the ITC analyzing tools for global markets, such as the Trade Map.


Ukraine is a part of the global market, so we have to follow trends, understand how global trade is developing and use this knowledge to make decisions about markets.

In 2018, the largest importers of fresh apples in the world in price terms were Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, and India.

In quantitative terms, Russia became the largest importer. At the same time, Russia loses market share: from 15% in 2013 to 11% in 2018. Countries such as India, Bangladesh, Vietnam – increased by 2%.


The largest exporters of fresh apples in 2018 were China (17%), the USA (14%), Poland (12%), Chile (12%), Italy (10%).

During 2013-2018, China, Turkey, Azerbaijan, the USA, Portugal, Serbia, Moldova increased its positions in exports. The export opportunities have weakened Poland, France, Iran, Italy, Belgium.

The volumes of markets are increasing, and they are the largest in the Asian countries. However, those who plan to export to these countries should be well aware of the requirements and possible restrictions: on phytosanitary norms, tariff regulation, and others.


The year 2018 was unfavorable to the apple harvest in China. However, Ukrainian producers could not take this opportunity to sell products because they were not ready to cooperate with the big Chinese market. Although there was overproduction in Ukraine.


The world’s leading importers of this product are the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Japan, Russia, France, Canada, Poland.

The largest exporters of apple concentrate are China and Poland.

Ukraine has lost its position in this direction during the last 5 years. Instead, it began massively importing apple concentrate from China.

Why did it happen? This information is for discussion within profile associations. Perhaps we are not competitive in quality, price, or other parameters. At the same time, Ukraine is opening new markets: the USA and Canada.

The presentation is available at the link World-apple-market 

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