ITС consultants visited the walnut farms interested in cooperating with the Project

During a visit to Ukraine, the International Consultant of the ITC and the expert on edible nuts James Fitzpatrick, the ITC Project team visited five walnut gardens growing walnuts and hazelnuts in the Vinnytsya, Odesa and Mykolaiv regions.

The purpose of the visits is to find out more about the situation in the nut industry of Ukraine, to find out information directly from farmers, to understand what is needed consulting and other assistance that can be provided by the ITC Project.

According to the National Project Manager of ITC Project in Ukraine Alyona Kolomoytseva, James Fitzpatrick conducted an express analysis of farms and will give individual recommendations for farmers.

James Fitzpatrick said that visited farms had a high level of productivity and understanding of nut growing features. This is a big advantage, because, according to the expert, the demand for nuts is increasing, buyers are looking for new suppliers of hazelnuts to reduce the dependence on Turkish producers in this area.

At the same time, James Fitzpatrick added that Ukrainian farmers are not yet well-known in international markets.

“Ukraine should create its own brand of nuts in the world, determine its competitive advantages and work on entering new markets,” said James Fitzpatrick.

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