ITC International consultant and cold chain specialist Harm Verpaalen will visit several farms in southern Ukraine that cultivate sweet cherries

Harm Verpaalen

The visit is planned during the harvesting period (from 8 to 12 July) in order to prepare for the workshop in September.

This seminar will focus on the features of post-harvest processing, preservation and transportation of sweet cherry using the technology of the “cold chain”.

“Without a well-managed and controlled “cold chain” it is difficult to succeed in the competitive market of sweet cherries. I want to prioritize this topic because the cold chain will be direct to the product related. Handling, box, punnet, palletizing, etc. can be correct, but an insufficient and not well controlled cold regime means a reduction in the condition of the fruit, a bad reputation for the origin, and most important low financial revenues”, says Harm Verpaalen.

The cold chain is a technology of continuous compliance with the optimum cold temperature when storing and transporting food. The special temperature regime should be provided from the stage of harvesting and packaging of the crop to transport and placement at the final supply point.

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