Gulfood 2021 International Food Exhibition was held at the Dubai World Trade Centre (UAE) on 21-25 February. For the first in a long time, a large-scale international event for the food sector was organized offline and in-person.

The ITC project team organized the mission of Ukrainian SMEs and professional associations operating in the nut, fruit and vegetable sectors, to Gulfood 2021.

In total, 10 exhibitors presented at the collective stand, including 6 enterprises (Enograi ALLC, Agro PatriotLLC, FAETON INC. LLC, Ukr-Walnut LLC, Fruitlife LLC and Sadyi Dnepra LLC) and 4 associations (Ukrainian Agriculture Export Association, Ukrainian Nut Association, U-FOOD Association, Association of Gardeners, Grape Growers and Winemakers of Ukraine). 7 other participants took part in the mission with a study visit.

Hereby, we offer the feedback on participation in Gulfood 2021 of the ITC project team and the entrepreneurs.

Aliona Kolomoitseva, ITC National Project Manager:

It was very nice to work with our participants at the stand. I hope that the participants have gained many useful contacts, got a chance to evaluate their competitors, to find new ideas for their business.

Our team has completed its part: we organized the Ukrainian stand at the exhibition and supported its operation. Now it is your turn to act we do hope that you will be able to implement your export plans. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can help with. Till we meet again.

Dmytro Kroshka, CEO of the Ukrainian Agriculture Export Association:

I want to thank the ITC team and not just for this event, but for the whole project. This exact mission showed the result of all the hard work done in previous years. Gulfood 2021 became the culmination point that clearly demonstrated that each participant now understands why he or she is here, what to do, what should happen next.

I remember first missions seen more as tourism. We all learned how to spell the names of cities and countries, we first saw Arabs, Europeans, Asians on the other side of the counter. And today, we all communicate as equalsand can afford assertiveness in some cases, given the experience gained in recent years with ITC. Thank you again!

Alex Nosov, CEO of Almafruit (Fruitlife LLC):

I want to thank the organizers, the ITC project team and all exhibitors for this time together. We worked really well and amicably. I wish that maximum of the meetings and acquaintances that you had during this exhibition bear fruit and have a positive impact on the dynamics ofyour companies economy growth; accumulation of the useful experience and knowledge.

Hennadii Yudin, President of the Ukrainian Nut Association:

Looking back at the days of the exhibition, we already miss the collective spirit that was perfectly created on the stand by the ITC team. However, the very objective of the ITC project is even more important, as it is to facilitate the entry of agricultural enterprises in the fruit and vegetable sector to foreign markets, and the entire ITC team copes with it perfectly. Therefore, with a special respect and on behalf of all members of the Ukrainian nut delegation, I thank the project team for your work, attentive attitude and care, that you shared at the exhibition and during the preparation towards the show. We do hope for further events.

Dmytro Kabakov, ex-Production Manager of FAETON INC. LLC:

Two years ago, I first met with ITC representatives, when I was working for the nut company FAETON INC. I could not imagine that just in two years, this team would carry out such a huge and complex work,implying analysis of the problems that our enterprises face, and the real help, strategies for entering the foreign markets for the Ukrainian producers and processors. Many thanks to you! On behalf of the nut company, I would like to thank Hennadii Yudin for cooperation with the project and active participation of the members of the Ukrainian Nut Association in the project activities. I am grateful to all the participants of our mission for the friendly atmosphere and support. I wish you all good luck  and new victories.

Volodymyr Podorozhnyi, Director of Golden Nut PE:

Thanks to the organizers, ITC for the excellent work, preparatory webinars duly organized under the difficult conditions of COVID-19 pandemic. We wish everyone good results!

Olha Oliinyk, Export Manager of Sady Dnipro LLC:

It was very nice to gather live at the exhibition for the first time, after the difficult 2020 year. Thanks to colleagues and organizers!

Volodymyr Gurzhiy, CСO of USPA Fruit LLC:

ITC did a good job during the project. Significant export potential has been created. My thanks to all project participants and exhibitors. Together we can do more!

Natalia Sudarkina, Managing Partner of Agro Patriot LLC:

We also want to thank the friendly ITC team! Due to the project, we all grew professionally, looked at our businesses with new eyes, assessed our weaknesses and potential, realized it, rebuilt and found new markets. After 3 years of cooperation with the project, our Ukrainian garlic is now recognized at international exhibitions! Networking has also become an integral part of our life friendly and business relations were established, and with many colleagues we continuously communicate in Ukraine. Thanks to all for the easy and friendly atmosphere. Grateful customers and beneficial export contracts to all!

Serhii Ostapets, ССО of Sady Donbassa LLC:

This year, our company visited Gulfood with a trade mission, but we managed to become a part of ITC stand, where we felt support and a strong shoulder of a friend,therefore we were able to present ourselves. The project constantly teaches and improves us. I wish everyone new achievements and victories!

Dmytro Kabakov, ex-Production Manager of FAETON INC. LLC
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