Odesa Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted training for BSOs

On June 11-12, the Odesa Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted training for business support organizations (BSOs) which supporting the small and medium-sized companies of the fruit and vegetable industry in the south of Ukraine.

The training was attended by representatives of chambers of commerce and industry from Zaporizhzhya, Kherson, Odesa, Vinnytsya and from Dnipro, representatives of the Ukrainian Nut Association, NGO “Cluster of the Black Sea Region”.

The training was conducted by Miguel Camacho, the ITC International consultant, who prepared a special program for training.

During two days the participants focused on improving the efficiency of work with their clients -representatives of small and medium business in the regions.

Which products of our customers are the most competitive? What exactly does it make? Which markets are the most promising for our customers? On which clients should our member companies focus on studying selected target markets?

The answers to these and many other questions are received by the participants during the training, including representatives of specialized associations and chambers of commerce and industry from different regions of Ukraine.

“When I ask associations what you need, in all countries I hear one answer: money, customers, support of the authorities. But when I asked what you would do if you get 100,000 dollars tomorrow? How will it improve your work? No one was able to answer. In fact, we need knowledge, competence, and strategy,” says Miguel Camacho.

During the training, several thematic blocks were considered:

  • Definition of strategy: key concepts and techniques for developing an integrated organization strategy based on data in three key areas;
  • Where to play? Defining a key clientele, product range and target markets based on a comprehensive customer needs assessment, competitive environment and context assessment;
  • How to win? Identification of mechanisms for maximum impact on clients, ensuring effective internal organization and communication;
  • How to get and evaluate results? Study of the mechanisms of measuring the effectiveness and management of the organization to ensure the implementation of priority tasks of the strategy.

The cycle of training conducted by ITC Project in Ukraine includes classroom classes and further advising business training representatives to support, test and encourage the introduction of new services and procedures.

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