FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019: Ukrainian farmers have presented their products at the collective stand


Producers and processors of fruits and vegetables from several regions of Ukraine presented their products at the International trade show FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019 which was taking place in Berlin from 6 to 8 February.

With the support of the ITC Project in Ukraine farmers participated in the trade show at the collective national stand. In FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019 participated companies «Agro-Patriot», « Nut of The Black Sea Coast», «Euroservice group», «Vladam», «Gardens of Dnipro», as well as representatives of the Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetabl Association and others.

According to the National Project Manager of ITC Project in Ukraine Alyona Kolomoytseva, this year’s trade show in Berlin was quite rich for our partners. Products at the Ukrainian stand have a considerable interest.

“We noticed the regular partners of our Project began to prepare more thoroughly for trade shows. Companies try to take into account the recommendations of ITC consultants on the design of products, the preparation of marketing materials and during negotiations with potential partners. Ukrainian companies have established many business contacts during the FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019. I hope they will continue to cooperate,” said Alyona Kolomoytseva.

Participants of the FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019 say they have gained valuable experience, held a series of negotiations and will continue to develop established contacts.

“I express my gratitude to ITC and Alyona Kolomoytseva for the opportunity to participate in the FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019. This year we were with a great team and devoted a lot of time to presenting our new product – walnut fresh or frozen. It turned out that none of manufacturers of packed salads knew about the possibility of walnuts with the same taste and quality. After tasting, all producers of salads expressed a desire to buy our product. Now we will solve organizational issues and make deliveries. We have visited this trade show for the third time. During this time, we have gone a long way from a dream to real production”, says Pavlo Tulba, the head of the “Nut of The Black Sea Coast”.

“Last year’s we visited the trade show just like visitors. Thanks to the cooperation with the ITC Project, we have the opportunity to present our products at our own booth. Collective Ukrainian stand of and a separate place for each company on this stand is a big step for Ukraine and for every entrepreneur. And this is confirmed by an increase in the number of people willing to participate in the trade show. Talking about the results of the FRUIT LOGISTICA is too early. Worked contacts are the first step. For example, according to the results of last year’s FRUIT LOGISTICA, we expanded the garlic supply chain to Germany, Poland, and the United Kingdom. Now we are working with new contacts, sending samples of products and conducting negotiations with potential buyers,” says Jan Mishkevich, from Agro-Patriot LLC.

According to the head of the Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetable Association Fedir Rybalko, Ukrainian exhibitors are increasingly presenting themselves in international profile trade shows, which testify to their desire to enter new markets.

“This year, the largest Ukrainian stand, which was ever presented at FRUIT LOGISTICA, has been organized. Members of our association, ITC consultants in Ukraine provided organizational support, shared experiences. The interest in Ukrainian products was constantly. I think the companies have gained a positive experience. During the negotiations, we discussed the requirements of different certification markets, packaging, seasonal calendars, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of our competitors”, – says Fedir Rybalko.

The project “Linking Ukrainian SMEs in the Fruits and Vegetables Sector to Global and Domestic Markets and Value Chains” aims to help Ukrainian enterprises from southern regions to integrate into domestic and global value chains and access new markets, with a focus on the EU. The Project is funded by the Government of Sweden and the International Trade Centre.

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