The GLOBALG.A.P. certificate increases the competitiveness of the enterprise

The International Trade Center (ITC) consultants assist producers of fruit and vegetables in the implementation of GLOBAL G.A.P.

The ITC Project partners can receive support in the certification process through individual consultations.

The practice of cooperation of Ukrainian entrepreneurs of the fruit and vegetable industry with international markets indicates the certificate GLOBAL G.A.P. is a positive signal for the potential partner, as the safety requirements for the products sold are increasing worldwide. Buyers want to get more and more information about the product they pay for.

Certificate GLOBAL G.A.P. is not the only, but important factor that increases the competitiveness of an enterprise. This is what the partners of our Project are saying about after ITC consultant Nina Dmytrash helped them to get certificates.

What is GLOBAL G.A.P.?

It is a certification of not the final product, but production technology, from planting material or seeds, fertilizers and pesticides to post-harvest processing and storage.

Manufacturers demonstrate compliance with GLOBAL G.A.P standards through certification.

GLOBAL G.A.P certificate for consumers and retailers is a guaranty the product is in compliance with the appropriate safety and quality standards, manufactured in compliance with environmental standards, with concern for the health and safety of workers, the state of the environment.

How to get a certificate?

Certificate GLOBAL G.A.P. is a book that consists of checkpoints that have eligibility criteria. To be certified, the manufacturer must comply with 89 major, 114 minor and 15 recommendation points.

The producer must confirm the safety of the grown products and that the food produced does not harm the health of consumers and farmers, that the production process does not have a negative impact on the environment.

Restrictions on the use of plant protection products and the responsibility for the health and safety of workers must also be confirmed. The certification process takes several months to a year.

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