The ITC Project helped the company from Odesa region to obtain GLOBALG.A.P and GRASP certificates to enter foreign markets

Danube Agrarian LLC successfully passed all audits and assessments of control points and received GLOBALG.A.P and GRASP certificates. Yhe National consultant of ITC Project Nina Dmitrash told how she has helped the company from Odesa region in the certification process.

“Danube Agrarian” – a progressive enterprise in their technology, production, cultivation of organic products. In the beginning, we planned to certify several crops, but in the process, we expanded the list. As a result, nectarine, peach, watermelon, melon, pumpkin and sweet potato were certified,” says Nina Dmytrash.

According to her, after the initial audit, a plan of joint follow-up was written. After they had the internal audit, which showed that all checkpoints are ready for final certification. The external audit was conducted by a Ukrainian auditor who has the appropriate accreditation.

“We decided to get the GLOBALG.A.P certificate as well as GRASP primarily for export. But not only. Ukrainian retail chains will also move to cooperate with companies who have this certification. We understand that the safety of cultivation and production is a requirement of today and it is important for everyone,” said Roman Dyazhuk, head of Danube Agrarian.

According to Mr. Dyazhuk, the certification process was simple thanks to the coordinated work with Nina Dmytrash and the responsible person from the company.

“Thanks to the ITC Project, which not only promised but also really helped us. I confess I didn’t expect that everything would be so fast. With the Project team we were at the Fruit Logistica trade show, visited Sweden. These were useful trips organized at a high level,” adds Roman Dyazhuk.


What is GLOBALG.A.P.?

A GLOBALG.A.P. certificate is a book with checkpoints that have eligibility criteria. To be certified, the manufacturer must comply with 89 major, 114 minor and 15 recommendation points.

It is a certification of not the final product, but production technology, from planting material or seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides to post-harvest processing and storage, if any.

GLOBALG.A.P certificate for consumers and retailers means confirmation that the product is in compliance with the appropriate safety and quality standards, manufactured in compliance with environmental standards, with concern for the health and safety of workers, the state of the environment.

GRASP (GLOBAL G.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice) is a part of the GLOBAL G.A.P. certificate, a ready-to-use module designed to assess social practices in the enterprise. The requirements catalog consists of 11 standardized requirements and the additional one, related to specific aspects of health, safety and well-being of employees.

ITC consultants help Ukrainian producers in the Project “Linking Ukrainian SMEs in the Fruits and Vegetables Sector to Global and Domestic Markets and Value Chains”.

The Project helps small and medium-sized producers and processors of fresh vegetables and fruits in the southern and central regions of Ukraine to increase their competitiveness, integrate into national and global value chains, and access new markets with a focus on EU markets.

The Project is funded by the Swedish Government and implemented by ITC in close collaboration with the national partners of the Project.

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