“Obriy” farm has received the GLOBALG.A.P certificate

One more Ukrainian apple producer has successfully passed the GLOBALG.A.P certification. This is a farm “Obriy” from the Vinnytsia region.

The planning and organization of the implementation of all control points on the farm were accompanied by the consultant of the ITC Project in Ukraine Nina Dmytrash.

According to the head of the sales department of “Obriy” Andriy Smulsky, cooperation with ITC consultants helped to prepare for the final audit.

“Thanks to the coordinated work and consultations from Nina Dmytrash, we were able to go all the way in three months and we have a positive result,” says Andriy Smulsky.

FG “Obriy” decided to obtain a certificate GLOBALG.A.P. to expand its presence on the European market.

“We planned to get a certificate a few years ago, but then we did not have plans for export. Today the situation has changed. We already have clients in Europe who require this certificate. And we plan to work with new customers in the European market. In addition, the process of passing checkpoints for GLOBALG.A.P. helps us to put the farm in order. In our case, it helped to organize the work with documents in a better way, because most of the points related to security and working conditions were improved before,” says Andriy Smulsky.

According to him, certification is an inescapable process if the company plans to enter foreign markets.

“Last year, the price of apples on the Ukrainian market was favorable, but one year is not an indicator. Usually, the European market is much more profitable. Therefore, having received the GLOBALG.A.P certificate we hope that in the future it will give us advantages,” said Mr. Smulsky.

ITC consultants help Ukrainian producers in the Project “Linking Ukrainian SMEs in the Fruits and Vegetables Sector to Global and Domestic Markets and Value Chains”.

The Project helps small and medium-sized producers and processors of fresh vegetables and fruits in the southern and central regions of Ukraine to increase their competitiveness, integrate into national and global value chains, and access new markets with a focus on EU markets.

The Project is funded by the Swedish Government and implemented by ITC in close collaboration with the national partners of the Project.

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