The Roadmap for Ukrainian nuts: entrepreneurs and experts discuss the prospects of the industry and promotion in foreign markets

On August 20, the ITC Project in Ukraine organized the discussion of the Roadmap for Strategic Development of the Nut Sector in Ukraine, developed by Project.

More than 30 participants have visited the online meeting: ITC consultants, producers, processors and exporters of nuts, business support organizations, associations, representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Agriculture, the State Customs Service of Ukraine, regional administrations and others.

The meeting was moderated by Tetyana Miskova, c. at. Director of the “Export Promotion Office of Ukraine”.

“We hold such events to hear entrepreneurs. The Swedish government, who supports exporters, together with ITC, based on the discussion and entries in the Roadmap, will form a program to support the Ukrainian walnut sector in the future. For you, this is an opportunity to provide comments, influence the process, build a map that will help, especially you and us, to make this project a success. And our success is your foreign contracts and sales,” said Tetyana Miskova to entrepreneurs.

James Fitzpatrick, the International ITC consultant, presented a model of the Ukrainian walnut industry in 2030. According to him, Ukrainian nuts have the high export potential for the next 5-10 years, in particular, in the European Union market.

According to the expert, the development of the walnut sector in Ukraine should take place by increasing the area of ​​industrial gardens, stimulating the development of small and medium-sized industries, including through the promotion of contract farming, and taking into account “wild” nuts harvested in forest belts and along roads.

“The sector’s development strategy involves attracting investment in quality primary processing, doubling exports within ten years, increasing the value of exports per unit of a product by about 20% over 3-5 years by removing restrictions related to product safety, certification, promotion and information on markets. We also need to develop long-term value-added projects in the confectionery industry,” said James Fitzpatrick.

During the presentation, the participants got acquainted with the situation in the markets of the world regarding the production, international trade and consumption of walnuts and hazelnuts, discussed the development plan of the sector in Ukraine and proposed in the Roadmap recommendations for developing an export strategy.

The strategy and action plan within the Roadmap were prepared based on the results of a study of the current state of the industry, trends in the world market for edible nuts, and the dynamics of their exports from Ukraine. The Roadmap provides for the participation and effective interaction of government and government agencies, business and trade support organizations, entrepreneurs and their associations.

A record of the online meeting from is available on our YouTube channel:

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