Alyona Kolomoytseva presented the possibilities of the ITC Project in Ukraine

The National Project Manager of the ITC Project in Ukraine Alyona Kolomoticeva told agrarians about the possibilities of supporting the fruit and vegetable sector, which is offered by the Project “Linking Ukrainian SMEs in the Fruits and Vegetables Sector to Global and Domestic Markets and Value Chains” funded by the Swedish Embassy in Ukraine.

A meeting was held during the regional conference “Creating conditions for the implementation of export potential” during the agrarian trade show Farmer-2019 in Kherson.

The ITC Project offers a wide range of consulting support to small and medium-sized businesses, said Alyona Kolomoytseva. The main purpose of the Project is to help small and medium-sized enterprises, fresh fruit and vegetable processing companies integrate into national and global value chains and open new markets focusing on the EU market.

The Project offers support in analyzing the company’s readiness for export, conducting trade data analytics, world trends, and identifying barriers to entering certain markets. Project consultants assist in developing an Export Marketing Strategy.

ITC Project consultants help interested entrepreneurs to prepare for participation in international trade shows through marketing training, branding, and extension of staff competencies. ITC consultants also support businesses during trade shows and take on organizational matters. Consultants also help companies in obtaining Global G.A.P., HACCP and other certificates.

As for the current situation in fruit and vegetable sector, Alyona Kolomoytseva said that entrepreneurs in the South of Ukraine have a good export potential, but they need to be developed. They need to study the features of different markets and offer exactly such a product that will meet both international standards of safety and quality.

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